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Hirschmann “Standard” Product Specifications

At H. Hirschmann LTD we take great pride in designing and handcrafting our wood windows and doors for each individual project. Due to the complexity of custom built windows and doors it is at times counterproductive to be definite on the specifications. While we specified our “standard” product, we will consider and evaluate any suitable option a customer may request or a project may require.

The following components are used in the fabrication of Hirschmann Windows and Doors. A more detailed list is found under each individual window and door unit specification.


Pattern Grade South American Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) from sustainable growth areas as well as Ash, Cherry, Teak, White Oak, Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, African Mahogany or combinations thereof.


Insulated glass starting at 3/8″ thickness, with the following options: Low-E, Argon-filled, laminated, tempered, self-cleaning glass, restoration glass, privacy glass, colored glass, leaded, obscure, bent and curved shapes, motorized and solar operated glass-internal blinds, glass-internal louvers with solar panels, bullet and impact resistant glass (also available in bent executions).


We are proud to collaborate with the following manufacturers and distributors: Accurate, AGB, Anuba, The Architectural Resource Center, Baldwin, BKS, Bouvet, Bronze Craft Centor, CES, Classic Brass, D-line, Ferco, FFI, Fuhr, G-U, Haefele, The Harwick Company, Hoppe US, Ives, JCR, KFV, L.B. Brass, Phelps Company, R.A. Graham, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Siegenia, Sital, Stone River Bronze, Sugatsune, Tiger, Truth, Ultraflex, Valli & Valli, Von Morris.

We constantly stay in dialogue with our suppliers and their representatives to learn of any new developments in their respective fields. In addition we work with several custom metal shops to manufacture custom hardware applications as needed.


Prime and Finish coats by Fine Paints of Europe. Sikkens and Cabot stain and coating systems.